About Us

Global Environmental Management, LLC., (G.E.M.,LLC) is a leader in the introduction of products that are sustainable and safe for the environment. We manufacture microbial additives for agriculture, irrigated landscapes, sports fields, golf courses, remediation, septic and waste water systems and livestock probiotics across the US and around the world. We have over 18 years of experience building the best organic microbial additives with the highest quality, longest life and at the best price. Our additives are not manure based or laboratory engineered but taken from all natural sources. We can implement sustainability and water efficiency into any agricultural area to reduce water use, reduce fertilizer and chemical use, while improving the overall quality and production goals.
The Company Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide organic, sustainable and affordable products, create jobs and to educate and train the public involved in agriculture, livestock probiotics, wastewater treatment and oil and gas remediation, that sustainability and environmental safety is the key issue and the use of natural microbes, bacterium and enzymes, instead of synthetic chemicals, is the way to grow crops and naturally clean the water, preserving the environment  and renewing the earth.

  • GEM, LLC also distributes products that reduce pollution and increase the efficiency of gasoline, diesel and natural gas engines.
  • Let us help you implement environmentally safe sustainability into your property or project.
  • Nicholas Oprea
  • General Manager/Owner