Ag Enhancer + Humus

The G.E.M Ag Enhancer + Humus is a liquid soil amendment that uses naturally occurring microbial inoculants to enhance plant’s conditions. The microbes help rebuild the soil, convert organic matter into humus, and release nutrients trapped in the soil, all of which benefit plant life immensely. For those interested in improving agricultural sustainability as well as decrease water usage while minimizing fertilizer and chemical use, the Ag Enhancer + Humus is the product you’re looking for.

Why do you need the Ag Enhancer + Humus?

Throughout much of North America, land management techniques place ever-growing demands on topsoil resources and, in effect, have been draining the soil of much of its nutritional value. Monoculture (the practice of planting the same solitary crop continually on one farmland plot) and livestock management are degrading arable land at alarming rates. It’s time for farmers to take action, and Ag Enhancer + Humus can be a big part of the solution.

What does the Ag Enhancer + Humus do?

Ag Enhancer + Humus contains microbes that work hand-in-hand with plants to produce the nutrients that plants need. With easy access to the necessary nutrients, the plants become stronger and more resistant to disease. In turn, the plants produce the nutrients that the microbes need. This symbiotic relationship will increase crop production and therefore increase crop yield.

Microbes also aid in soil aggregation, which can enhance water filtration and gas exchange within the soil. Microbes are the only known organisms that can transform gaseous nitrogen into an organic form, ammonia, which is valuable to plants. By helping with the exchange of gases, microbes become a critical component in the aeration of agricultural fields.

Key notes on the use of Ag Enhancer + Humus

Ag Enhancer + Humus is not crop-specific. Regardless of what crops you grow, you can use Ag Enhancer + Humus to help improve root systems, nutrients, and water efficiency. Ag Enhancer + Humus also helps reduce stress on the plants. You should not use the product to replace fertilizer, reducing your fertilizer use without first testing the soil to determine if the level of nutrients are sufficient for the crops you are growing is not recommended. Compost is an excellent food source for the microbes in Ag Enhancer + Humus. If you use fungicides, be sure to reapply Ag Enhancer + Humus at 4 to 6 ounces per acre to re-establish the microbes wiped out by fungicide use.

The microbes in Ag Enhancer + Humus are extremely beneficial to both the soil and plants. It effectively contributes to substantial growth of agricultural productivity farms and fields. It’s time you experienced these benefits! Get in touch with Global Environmental Management, LLC by calling 972-569-0596 or visiting our contact page.



I. Product Identification
PRODUCT NAME: Ag Enhancer + Humus (Seed and Soil Inoculant)
Manufacturer: G.E.M., LLC
240 Harper Rd
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Materials/components: A solution with a broad and diverse population of naturally occurring soil microbes in water plus 400 ppm natural humus. Flavobacterium spp. 20%, Pseudomonas spp.12%
Corynebacterium (Coryneforms) 11%, Arthrobacter sp, 10% Cellumonas cellulans 10%, Pseudomona alcaligenes 10%, Alcaligenes spp. 7%, Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes 5%,
Acinetobacter calcoaceticum 2%, Bacillus subtilis 2%, Bacillus pumilis 2%,Bacillus licheniformis 2%, Azotobacter venelandii 1%,Rhodococcus sp.,Streptomyces spp., and others less than 1% each, Humus 400 ppm or 0.04%

II. Physical data
Boiling Point 212 Degrees F. Solubility 100%
Vapor Pressure 17 mm hg Sp. Gravity 1.050
Appearance and Odor: Dark brown with some earthy odor

III. Fire and Explosion Hazard Data
Flash Point Non-flammable Non-explosive
Special Fire Fighting Procedure N/A

IV. Reactive Data
Stability Stable Non corrosive Will stain porous surfaces and clothing
Incompatibility: Pesticides, fungicides, some herbicides (always jar test)

V. Health and First Aid Data
Ingestion: can cause diarrhea if ingested Internal: Rinse mouth, consult Physician
Eye Contact: slight irritation Eyes: Irrigate with water and consult Physician
Skin Contact: slight irritation Skin: Wash with soap and water

VI. Special Handling & Storage
Eye protection: goggles Hand protection: rubber gloves if abrasions exist. Avoid eye and skin contact Optimum Storage: Store indoors in a shaded /cool area not above 130 degrees F. Do not store in direct sunlight due to possible overheating. Protect from freezing. Do not store if mixed with other chemicals use entire mixture. Rinse equipment well.

VII. Spill or Leak procedures
Spill or leak: contain and mop or vacuum up into storage drum then rinse with water – No special disposal/handling procedures are required. Product may stain porous surfaces and clothing.

VIII. Application methods:
Metered into existing irrigation systems to get correct coverage of one gallon per 8 acres. Applications may be made through drip systems, with surface spray rigs, and aircraft. Use proper amount of water to get even coverage with spray rigs and aircraft. If mixing with fertilizer make total solution 25% water and spray immediately. DO NOT STORE ANY OF THE MIXTURE.
Shake well before using.

IX. Hazard Rating

1 – None 2 – Slight 3 – Moderate 4 – High 5 – Extreme

Toxicity – 1 Reactivity – 2 Environmental – 1

No warranty expressed or implied