FuelAid System & Optimizer

Reduces Emissions – Saves Money – Increases Power
Rigorous testing conducted worldwide by governments, municipalities and state agencies confirm that FuelAid Optimizer is a breakthrough technology that dramatically reduces pollution while saving gas and money.
FuelAid System & Optimizer will astonish you with the way it increases combustion efficiency for a cleaner burning engine. Not only does the FuelAid Optimizer reduce harmful emissions, but it increases engine performance.
The strong magnetic charge the FuelAid System & Optimizer puts into the fuel, air and coolant, gives you a complete and clean burn so that you can take advantage of increased horsepower with reduced operating expenses.
The FuelAid System & Optimizer will dissolve existing corrosion and scale build-up in the head, cylinder cooling jackets, radiator and heater. No more costly repairs, plus your cooling system is operating at top efficiency.
The FuelAid System & Optimizer has no moving parts and is easily placed on the fuel line, water hose and air intake. It installs in minutes with no cutting or tools required. Simply strap it on!
To use the FuelAid System & Optimizer is arguably a moral obligation: Over 100 million tons of carbon monoxide are produced annually in the USA by engine emissions. Carbon monoxide is responsible for over 10% of the respiratory problems of the nation – including the increase of asthma in young children.
The FuelAid System & Optimizer reduces these emissions by an average of 83% and meets 2020 emissions standards.


> 10% – 25% average fuel savings – depending on age of engine.
> 5% – 15% increase in horsepower – high octane performance with lower octane fuel.
> 50% – 95% reduction of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons.
> Engine runs cleaner and therefore oil lasts longer.
> Improved performance, quicker starts and faster running.
> Maintains cooling system efficiency.
> Stops scale build up and corrosion in engines.
> Healthier air and less smog.
> Suitable for all gas and diesel vehicles.