Livestock Probiotics

  • I used G.E.M. Probiotic in a pen of 2 Jersey heifer calves. I also had a pen next to it with the same size and age heifer calves that were not receiving probiotics. The G.E.M. calves gained 2 pounds per week more than the untreated calves. Both pens were fed and watered the exact same amounts and on the same schedule. The overall condition of the calves being treated was better than that of the untreated calves. Eyes were brighter, hair was slick and shiny, and the calves seemed to play more and feel better. All of the calves are in the same pasture now and the G.E.M. calves still maintain an overall better appearance than the other two calves.

    P. Clifton
    Claremore Farms, Oklahoma

    Product Used:
    Livestock Probiotics
  • Wastewater/ Septic

  • We’ve got to be honest with you. The only reason we tried your product, Septic Cleaner, is because we share the same grandchildren and we were looking at a big cash outlay to fix the septic system. When you talked to us you were up front and told us if there was a collaspe in the line your product wouldn’t work.

    We followed your instructions and are very happy to say it did work. The first thing that occurred was the nasty smell disappeared. With in a week the nasty water on top of the grass disappeared and since we started using it we’ve had no more backups through the toilets or drains.

    We will continue to use the Septic Cleaner on a monthly maintenance schedule and keep you posted on the continued results. Thank you, you saved us thousands of dollars.

    R. Rogers

    Product Used:
    Septic Cleaner
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