Waste Water/Septic Cleaner

A septic system is a necessity that can enhance your everyday experience or if not properly maintained, can create a real environmental mess for you and your family. Septic Cleaner is one way to make sure your system keeps you and your family, free from odor, wet areas in the lawn (unless on rock) and the leach field lines free of buildup for the old systems and odor free in the new aerobic systems.

Septic Cleaner is an all-natural microbial solution that digests the solids in the system. These microbes exist in nature but your system is not natural so it has to be added to the system to keep things working properly. These microbes keep the lines clean and free of buildup so waste can reach the holding tanks without backing up into the house. They also help keep the soil loose and free of build up so that wet spots don’t occur in the lawn where the kids and pets play. Septic Cleaner prevents the system from being overloaded with sludge buildup which causes odor and back gassing into the home. Septic Cleansr can’t correct a natural drainage problem.

Benefits of using Septic Cleaner:

1. Helps control odor
2. Reduces sludge buildup in the lines and tanks
3. Keeps the soil percolating so wet areas don’t occur
4. Used once per month will keep the system healthy and free of problems
5. Septic Cleaner can’t correct a natural drainage problem
6. Reduces pumping costs by lengthening time the system is pumped saving you money.



I.Product Identification

PRODUCT NAME: G.E.M. Septic Cleaner

G.E.M., L.L.C.
240 Harper Rd.
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Materials/components: Enzymes with a broad and diverse population of naturally occurring soil microbes in water.

II. Physical data
Boiling Point 212 Degrees F. Solubility 100%
Vapor Pressure 17 mm hg Sp. Gravity 1.050
Appearance and Odor: Dark brown with some earthy odor

III.Fire and Explosion Hazard Data
Flash Point Non-flammable Non-explosive
Special Fire Fighting Procedure N/A

IV.Reactive Data
Stability Stable Non corrosive Will stain porous surfaces and clothing
Incompatibility Pesticides, fungicides, some herbicides (always jar test)

V.Health and First Aid Data
Ingestion: can cause diarrhea Internal: Rinse mouth, consult Physician
Eye Contact: slight irritation Eyes: Irrigate with water and consult Physician
Skin Contact: slight irritation Skin: Wash with soap and water

VI.Special Handling
Eye protection goggles Hand protection rubber gloves
Avoid eye and skin contact * DO NOT X-RAY * DO NOT FREEZE * Optimum Storage Store indoors in a shaded /cool area not above 130 degrees F. Do not store in direct sunlight due to possible overheating.

VII.Spill or Leak procedures
Spill or leak: contain liquid-mop or vacuum up into storage drum then rinse with water – No special disposal/handling procedures are required. May stain porous surfaces and clothing

VIII.Hazard Rating
1 – None 2 – Slight 3 – Moderate 4 – High 5 – Extreme
Toxicity – 1 Reactivity – 2 Environmental – 1

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