Water Inoculant

Restore your pond or lake to clarity and keep it clean the natural way with Water Formula, a blend of natural, environmentally friendly microbes developed to remove harmful nitrates, phosphates, and other contaminants.

Water Formula is safe for humans, fish, animals, and aquatic plant life.

One quart of Water Formula will treat up to 1,000 gallons of water. Ask if you need directions for large-scale ponds.



Product Identification
(Water Inoculant)
Manufacturer: G.E.M., LLC
240 Harper Rd.
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Materials/Components: A broad and diverse population of naturally
occurring microbes with enzymes in water.

I.Physical Data
Boiling Point: 212 Degrees F. Solubility: 100%
Vapor Pressure: 17 mm hg Sp. Gravity: 1.050
Appearance and Odor: Dark Brown with some earthy odor

III.Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

Flash Point: Non-flammable Non-explosive Special Fire Fighting

Procedure: N/AReactive Data

Stability: Stable Non-corrosive Will stain porous surfaces and clothing

Incompatibility: Pesticides, Fungicides, some Herbicides (always jar test)

Health and First Aid Data

Ingestion:May cause diarrhea-consult Physician.

Internal: Rinse mouth-consult Physician

Eye Contact:slight irritation.

Eyes:Irrigate with running water-consult Physician

Skin Contact: slight irritation

Skin:Wash with soap and water Special Handling

Eye Protection:Goggles Hand protection: Rubber Gloves

Avoid eye and skin contact * DO NOT X-RAY * DO NOT FREEZE * Optimum Storage
Store indoors in a shaded/cool area above 130 degrees F. Do not store in direct sunlight dueto possible overheating.

Spill or Leak Procedures

Spill or Leak:contain liquid-mop or vacuum up into storage drum then rinse with water. No special disposal/handling procedures are required. May stain porous surfaces and clothing

Hazard Rating:
1 – None 2 – Slight 3 – Moderate 4 – High 5- Extreme
Toxicity – 1 Reactivity – 2 Environmental – 1

No Warranty Expressed or Implied